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Clean Lab Coat is a motivated company with a mission of providing quality Lab Coats and Lab Coat Cleaning Services to Hospitals, Laboratories, and Doctor’s office.

As more and more healthcare industry is embracing disposable lab coats that are convenient to use and dispose of but are expensive in long-term; in addition to that disposable Lab coats are inferior in quality and defies the sole purpose to insulate against the bodily fluid, our ambition here is to provide Quality and Clean Lab Coat.

Women’s Lab Coat

Keeping in mind women’s body shape, we bring the best women’s lab coat. You can pick according to your size and embrace professionalism.

Men’s Lab Coat

Men’s lab coat is different in size and shape from women’s lab coat. View our collection to choose the perfect lab coat with durable fabric.

Knee-Length Lab Coats

Grab the best, clean, and durable knee length lab coat. Our wide range of lab coats is known for comfort, fashion, and sophistication.

Lab Jackets

Keeping in style in mind, we have come up with unique lab jackets. The durable fabric and soft texture produce all day comfort.

Our Facility Complies With The Highest Of Industry Standards

Let Us Clean The Lab Coats For You

Why Choose Us?

  • Soft And Durable Fabric

    We pride ourselves in providing best lab coats with soft and durable fabric. Feel comfortable throughout the day in our lab coats.

  • Fair Prices

    We value your hard-earned money and thus come up with a fair price range for all our lab coats. We charge the right price.

  • Best Laundry Service

    As your lab coats could become contaminated, we believe they need special laundry service to keep you and environment safe.

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